Short Play Festival Boo! 2023 - October 12 - October 29, 2023

Be Bold! Productions

 Cast & Crew 

Week 1  
Playwright/Rea - Harwood House  
Andrea Woodbridge  
Director - Harwood House  
Sue-Ellen Mandell  
Alastor - Harwood House  
Seamus D. O'Sullivan  
Playwright - Blithe Séance  
Eugene Grygo  
Director - Blithe Séance  
Rachael Langton  
Stage Manager - Blithe Séance  
Paulina Tobar  
Theo - Blithe Séance  
Nicholas Schommer  
Jasper - Blithe Séance  
Rick Benson  
Rupert - Blithe Séance  
Jeremy A. Lynch  
Playwright - Copy and Paste  
Matthew Kaplan  
Director - Copy and Paste  
Perryn Pomatto  
Skip - Copy and Paste  
David Michael Kirby  
Annabelle - Copy and Paste  
Cynthia Shaw  
Playwright/Voice 1 - The Algorithm  
Megan Kemple  
Director - The Algorithm  
Chelsi Kern  
Bianca - The Algorithm  
Kathleen Denecke  
Voice 2 - The Algorithm  
Sarah Vishnev  
Voice 3 - The Algorithm  
Grace C Williams  
Playwright - First Date  
TS Nelson  
Tess - First Date  
Erica Logsdon  
Alec - First Date  
Sean Gregory  
Playwright - When the Spirit Hits You  
Bob MacKay  
Director - When the Spirit Hits You  
Keith Armonaitis  
Sam - When the Spirit Hits You  
Marci Fine  
Bobby - When the Spirit Hits You  
Rocco Spoon  
Morgan - When the Spirit Hits You  
Gina Frio  
Week 2  
Playwright/Director - Maternal Bond  
Brenda Bell  
Elise - Maternal Bond  
Sue-Ellen Mandell  

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