Seussical - May 23 - May 26, 2019

Beacon Charter High School for the Arts


The Beacon Charter Schools Board of Trustees

Superintendent Dr. Michael Skeldon

Principal Mrs. Robin Murphy

Mrs. Deb Jarvis

Mrs. Tina Go


Mrs. Jennifer Greffin

Mrs. Jill Byrne

Mr. Peter Boland

Ms. Carolyn Moseley

Ms. Yin Yefco

Ms. Samantha Baffoni

Mrs. Gina LeClair


Our Parent Support Volunteers 


Beacon Charter High School for the Arts Culinary Department


Thespian Troupe 7444 Officers:


President - Mary Melo '19

Vice President - Jonah King '19

Secretary - Dajia Lareau '19

Public Relations and Marketing - Naomi Jeter '21

Assistant Technical Director - Nevanysh Morrabal '20


A fond farewell and best wishes to

Troupe 7444 Thespians Class of 2019:


Lauren Bourque

Isabella Castillo

Gian DiManna

Aisha Drammeh

Kyle Falco

Gabriel Joliceour

Jonah King**

Dajia Lareau*

D'Andre Lavallee

Mary Melo-Servino*

Lili Mingola

Nicholas Schaivo

Mason Shivers

Anna Huges

Brianna Giarusso

Kylie Hartley


*Honors Thespian

**National Honors Thespian




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