Seussical - May 23 - May 26, 2019

Beacon Charter High School for the Arts

 End Notes 

The process of putting this show together has been amazing from the start. 

At the first read-through, I was stunned at how well our performers knew that material – not just the songs, but the dialogue too. I was impressed at how well and how quickly they picked up their dance steps. I was dazzled by their singing and acting instincts.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve looked at Jay or Justin or Meaghan and said, “This is GOOD!”

Put it together with the sets and the props and the costumes, and this show is bringing the world of Dr. Seuss to life beautifully. SEUSSICAL is light and airy and fun, but packed with messages too.

As you watch, you will quickly forget that these performers are still in high school. Here at Beacon, theater is sport, and these kids are All-State, All-Region, All-American.

But the best part of the entire process has been watching these young people bond together to create a family. They encourage each other, they support each other, they have each other’s backs. Friendships have formed that will exist long after the show is over. And the confidence they’ve developed will carry over into every facet of their lives.

I am grateful and humbled to have played a small part in pulling this all together. I will be sad when it’s over, but I know I will bump into these kids again on other stages and in other productions. 

Thanks, one and all. See you soon in Solla Sollew!


 - Frank O'Donnell


Working hard and overtime is not reserved for the directors and staff. The cast and crew of Seussical poured their passionate dedication in to every nuance of this show. From the smallest of small to the largest of all, the detail and consistency of this piece is astounding. I couldn't think of a better way to cap our season of identity and family. These student artists have formed a beautiful family unit and created a professional level show in the process. They have all looked at the identities of these beloved characters and embraced everything about them. 


Jojo searches to find himself, much as we all do, in particular; teenagers. You remember what that was/is like, right? Or, a bit more difficult is Horton. Knowing who you are and what you believe but not getting support from your community can be daunting. 


Join these amazing players as they go through the adventures of our favorite characters from the poignant and potent producer of powerful pages. The good Dr. set pen to paper and changed the world with his "thinks." I am so proud of theses students and will be sorry to say farewell as the seniors explore new places to go and things they can think. But, every bird needs to leave the nest and fly on their own. I meant what I said and I said what I meant, an educator is faithful one hundred percent. For 19 years (11 of them here) I've watched them all grow, I've watched them take flight. This cast and this crew rehearsing at night, has made a family to bring YOU delight! Though we're sad it's all over, we will remember the clover. Please protect one another, be stalwart, be true. The love that you share will come right back to you.


Yours in Art,


Jason Robert LeClair

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