Dorothy in Wonderland - April 08 - April 09, 2016

Brookfield High School Drama Club

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Samantha Neral head shot

    Samantha Neral

    Stage Crew

    Samantha is excited to display her creativity in the making of "Dorothy in Wonderland". She is a junior. This is her first time taking part in a play production and she's grateful for the opportunity to work with the other members.

  • Shawn Hitt head shot

    Shawn Hitt

    Stage Crew

    Shawn is happy to help with stage crew for his first play. He plans on doing more plays in the future. Being in band has inspired him to take part in this production.

  • Kristie Zachar head shot

    Kristie Zachar

    Stage Crew

    Kristie is helping out as part of the stage crew for this play and it is her first year doing so. She is also an aspiring flamenco dancer, and after graduating, plans to move to Spain to dance professionally with her dancing pen pal, Juan Carlos.

  • Christine Lowers head shot

    Christine Lowers

    Stage Crew

    Christine Lowers is in 11th grade and happy to be taking part in the making of "Dorothy in Wonderland". This is her first time participating in a play production, but she is looking forward to supporting the club in the future!


    In the MGM Movie, made in 1939, the cowardly lion’s costume was made of a real lion skin and weighed around 100 pounds.The Tin Man’s oil was actually chocolate syrup.

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