Matilda - February 29 - March 02, 2024

Buena Regional High School


Tiana DelValle
- So proud of you for being part of this amazing production.
- Keep smiling, laughing and bringing happiness to others.
- You are Beautiful! Love Grandma!
- Congratulations on your first High School Musical performance.
- We are proud of your hard work and dedication!
- With lots of LOVE - Your Family (Mom, Dad, Jaden, Julian & Enzo)
Kaden Bryant
- Congratulations on an amazing performance!
- You are so talented, the stage is where you belong!
- Break a Leg! Love The Del Valle's & Titi Mildred
Mrs. Bryant
- Thank you for your amazing production.
- You are such an inspiration for the Buena Community and to so many others.
- You are so gifted and talented, you pour your heart and soul into these productions and it definitely shows.
- Continue to bring amazing productions to Buena.
- I am so proud to call you my Niece. Love Titi Mildred Emoji

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