All Together Now! - November 13

Burley High School Bel Cantos

 End Notes 

What a ride...


Say it with me...the past two years have been ____________ (remember, there are kids close, behave!)


From a small idea presented by Music Theatre International for a free variety show to a show that encompasses almost 10 communities through choirs, orchestra members and soloists, here we are. 


This show, All Together Now!,  is an song-packed hourlong production that celebrates music in our communites.  All Together Now! literally has almost 45 music choices from 20 different musicals.  I had to glean it down to 15 pieces.... that 'weren't easy'.  But it was fun, and we all need a little fun.


I contacted Jeff Collier from Minico because we have chatted forever about collaborating and doing something together....but both of us are just too dang busy.

He thought about it overnight (I think he decided over breakfast, but he wanted to be really sure, plus I think he was being a little elusive...sneaky devil) to join us...  After spending some time going through the pros and cons, and with the music being relatively easy, we had 2 choirs joining arms across the river, joining voice to voice, arm in arm, 2 choirs against the world...then... 


Then our larger music district (District IV) had to cancel it's Band, Orchestra and Choir High School Honors Clinic that usually takes place in early November in Twin Falls (O Corona, why art thou a pesky beast?).  At the district meeting many small schools were distraught that this one opportunity for their kids to be a part of something larger was just decimated.  Hearing distraught teachers heartbroken that the yearly Honors Clinic wasn't happening again just broke my heart with theirs.  Music is more fun with larger numbers, it just is.  


A few phone calls and emails and commiseration rants later we now have representative choirs from all over the area, Buhl, Dietrich, Raft River, Declo, Rupert and Burley.  Wow...who'd a-thunk.  I think we have landed on about 100 voices...hold on Ethel, this is gonna be a ride!


So in planning out the music, I thought it would be an absolute hoot to have some of our local talent join us, so I invited Brad Reynolds, Ginger Armstrong, Lori Rose Wilson, Jeremy Cox and Stephanie Curtis to come sing, and to take a solo.  All of these folks are active in our local theatrical community, and it was fitting to be All Together Now! (See what I did there?)


It's a fast concert with lots of glorious moments.  I appreciate all of you for coming.  Sit back and enjoy.  I do expect to hear you singing along with some of the music, because tonight is a celebration of being All Together Now!  yep...had to be done, again....



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