All Together Now! - November 13

Burley High School Bel Cantos

 Who's Who 

  • Douglas "Dusty" Fisher


    Mr. Fisher has been working at BHS since 2011 as drama teacher, band director, KFAC assistant director, Choir director, KFAC Director, Band director and finally settled into Choir and KFAC.  This show excited him from the very first MTI email and he hopes that tonight becomes one of those memories that compels you to attend other live events, thank you for coming!

  • Eva Hale

    Mrs.Hale has been working at Buhl School District since 2011 as the music teacher in both the Middle School and High School. Teaching music has always been her passion...watching the students perform and "nail it" is just thrilling.  With the uncertainty of the last two years, some of that has gone away. This show is exciting because it is bringing it ba

  • Jessica Whisenhunt

    Jessica Whisenhunt is the K-12 Music Director at Dietrich Schools. She is an Idaho State University graduate and is in her 5th year as an educator. The opportunity to work with Mr Fisher and Bel Cantos choir has been a highlight to her and her students during these uncertain times in music education. She would like to thank you for your support and keeping the music alive.

  • Jeff Collier

    Jeff Collier has loved teaching choir at Minico High School during the last 20 years and is looking forward to the next 20. Each December Jeff Collier and the Minico Choirs invite the public to the Madrigal Dinner, a favorite holiday tradition in this area. Then in March, he produces and directs a school wide musical at Minico High School. His true support is his wife.

  • Jesse Ledbetter

    Jesse Ledbetter has been the music teacher in Raft River since 2018. While in Raft River, Mr. Ledbetter has directed music programs, coordinated choirs and pep band for the community. He started teaching in 2001 after graduating from NNU with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. He was granted his Masters of Music Education in 2016 from University of Florida. 

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