Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella - January 19 - January 22, 2023

Byron Nelson High School



WARNING: The Photographing, video or sound recording of any performance or the possession of any devices for such photographing or sound recording inside this theatre, without permission of the management, is prohibited by law. Violations may be punished by ejection and may render the offender liable for money damages.


Food and Beverage Service

Available before each performance and during the 20 minute intermission.

Food or drinks are not allowed in the theatre.


Enjoy the Show

We invite you to sit back and enjoy our production. Given the unique experience that is live theatre, we ask that you do not interfere with the enjoyment of this play by others. Offensive language, obnoxious behavior, mischief, throwing of items, cell phone use, etc., will be considered a gross breach of theatre etiquette, and you will be asked to leave the premises. In other words, please enjoy the show but not at the expense of others.


Smoking is not permitted anywhere on school district property.


Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices prior to entering the theatre.



The Cast and Crew would like to say

“Thank you” to…


Jolley Orthodontics


Harris Costumes


Lightware Labs-Camron Ware


Martin Baird


All of our INCREDIBLY supportive Families


NISD Fine Arts Administration

Dr. Kevin Lacefield

Rebecca O'Donovan

Amy Kleckner

Kate Kayser



Byron Nelson High School


Kara Lea Deardorff-Principal

Dr. Maggie Norris-Associate Principal

Amy Lilly-Assistant Principal

Branden Richardson-Assistant Principal

Kerry Knisley-Assistant Principal

Ron Mendoza-Assistant Principal

Carol McDaniel-White-Assistant Principal

Brandon Thomas-Assistant Principal




The directors and students of this school are very appreciative of the tremendous support and guidance from the NISD Board of Trustees, Administration, and

Superintendent Dr. Mark Foust


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