Into the Woods - March 14 - March 16, 2019

Carrboro High


Crew Members  
Brett Stegall  
Music Director  
Valerie Puhala  
Pit Orchestra Director  
Casey Spillman  
Technical Director  
Katie Moorehead  
Co-ATD/Set Coordinator  
Jordan Smith +  
Co-ATD/Sound Board Op  
Ben Coillot  
Assistant Vocal Director  
Rachel Derby *  
Stage Manager  
Kristin Fishburne  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Susannah Peterson  
Assistant Stage Manager/Sound Crew  
Henry Schneider  
Lighting Designer  
Amaris Cabrera *  
Costumes Coordinator  
Yvette Berner * +  
Props Coordinator  
Maisy Christians  
Sound Designer  
Juan Alexis Malagon Castanon +  
Hair and Makeup Coordinator/Set Crew/Costumes Crew  
R Powell  
Publicity Manager  
Cora Therber +  
House Manager  
Gemma Pekar  
House Manager  
Isabel Simmons  
Set Crew  
Camille Carter *  
Set Crew  
Ollie Conner  
Set Crew  
Kyla Greenhut  
Set Crew  
Kyle Layzer  
Costumes & Hair/Makeup Crew  
Sydney Shortridge  
Costumes & Hair/Makeup Crew  
Marley Usinger  
Costumes Crew  
Katie Coyne *  
Hair/Makeup Crew  
Marianna Moctezuma  
Props Crew  
Emma Kanjorski  
Louis Davidson  

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