Stepsisters - April 17 - April 18, 2019

Carver Middle School


Theatre is a collaborative artform, as you can see based on our cast and crew list. But sometimes we still need a little extra help from outside of those listed in specific roles. We'd love to thank them for all the extra hard work they put in to the show to help make us a wonderful success.


  • Mr. Matthew Oakes
  • Mrs. Kendra Yoder
  • Mr. Waddell Wagstaff
  • Mrs. Katherine Byers
  • Mr. Nathanal Wiedenhoft
  • Mrs. Vanita Mason
  • Dr. Anthony McLaurin
  • Terrence Harvell
  • Ben Konikoff
  • Ms. Jackie Sawyer


Thank you all so much for continuing to support the Carver Middle School's Drama Club: Cougar Players.

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