Stepsisters - April 17 - April 18, 2019

Carver Middle School

 End Notes 

A Note from the Director


One of the best directors I had the privilege to learn from told me "60% of directing is casting." Once again, Cougar Players proves that fact. This cast is extremely talented, making rehearsals much easier to get the vision I hoped would bring a light to your eyes, a laugh in your belly, and a chance for each of these young stars to shine bright. Considering the snow and school schedule, that was very important.


I'd like to give a special note to each of my actors and crew members who worked on this show this year by grade level.


To my 6th graders: Never let anyone tell you that you can't do great things because of your experience or age. Your talent, combined with your work ethic, landed you a role in our show, and I hope to see you many more times in the future. Next year push harder, reach further, grow, and learn. Never stop learning.


To my 7th graders: You're about to rule the roost next year. Don't let it get to your head. You've all come a long way and I'm extremely proud of you, but stay humble. Keep pushing yourself and strive to be better each performance, each quarter, each day. Never stop pushing, never stop learning.


To my 8th graders: You're about to embark on a crazy new journey at the end of this year. We've worked together for up to three years and watching you grow has been one of my greatest honors. The only reason you're in your role/position is because you worked hard and earned it. You. Next year, even if you're not taking Theatre I or Theatre Productions I, find out when the show is and join them. Keep making beautiful art, keep pushing, keep growing, keep learning. Never stop learning.

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