The Spitfire Grill - November 15 - November 23, 2013

Chaminade College Preparatory High School

 Special Thanks To... 

Costume Rental - The Costumer

Rehearsal Pianist - Alex Mansour

Program Design - Matt Masino

Poster Design - Andrea Burman

Parent Reps - Beth Albrecht, Sherill Berger, Debra Campo

Cast and Crew Dinner Coordinator - Sherrill Berger

Rehearal Catering - Drama Parents

Producer Parents - Debra Campo, Leslie Perry

Asst. Producer Parents - Amy Masino, Conni Ponturo



And thank you to anyone who assisted with this production in any way!








The Chaminade Players give

special thanks to the Board of Directors

and to the many donors and volunteers

who support the arts at Chaminade. We

appreciate your investment in our

future and we welcome you to our newest

produciton in the Tutor Family Center

for the Performing Arts.









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