The Spitfire Grill - November 15 - November 23, 2013

Chaminade College Preparatory High School

 End Notes 

“Say what you want, say what you will,

something’s cooking at The Spitfire Grill.”


          We have so many choices when putting together a theatrical season. There are plays and musicals that are familiar to most theatergoers. And there are little gems that are written and performed off-Broadway, continue on to a regional life and those fortunate enough to experience these stories, move forward with a renewed sense of what it is to be a human being. We live our lives, make choices that are not always the most prudent and we pray for the chance to begin again, perhaps, even to be forgiven for those moments when we were not living up to our greatest potential. The Chaminade Players are proud to share this particular tale with you.

          Our tale takes place in the town of Gilead.  It is no coincidence that Gilead is referred to in the Bible as a hill of testimony or mound of witness. Our heroine, Percy is led to this town by some kind of divine intervention as she follows a clipping of a beautiful image of Copper Creek in Gilead and its colors of paradise. She ends up landing in the Spitfire Grill, bringing hope and new life to the slowly dying town. 

          We have created this town with the assistance of our wonderful music director, Dan Redfeld, our awesome set/ light designer, Jeff McLaughlin, our hard working technical director, Mike Davis and the lovely, diligent scenic coordinator, Tracy Lundy, as well as the dedicated Brother Tom Oles and our fabulously talented Chaminade Players! We are blessed to have wonderful Drama parents to help support our program, led by Beth Albrecht, Sherrill Berger, and Debra Campo. And as always, hugs and love go out to the Bishop family, who support me through all of my theatrical endeavors.

          So, sit back and escape for a while and like Percy, always remember that


               “There’s a flicker of light,

               There’s an ember of heat,

               There’s a diamond of hope

               In this good heart of mine.”


  So…. SHINE!



Yours in the arts,



     Yvette Lawrence Bishop

     Director of Performing Arts

     Drama Director


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