A Summer In Madtown - September 05

Chapman University


Many people were involved in helping this production come to life. As the creator of the project, Michael would like to thank the following:


John Gribble for emotional and financial support


Dave Volpe for providing a safe space for feedback


Adam Borecki and Tyler Eschendal for teaching me everything I know about mixing


Abby Eisenberg for supporting me in any project I work on


Sanaz Bashiri and Gabriella Aguilar for their assistance in casting


Amber Steigelfest and Samantha Reed for giving me a platform for my work




And from the bottom of all of our hearts, a very special thank-you to the cast, crew, and musicians of the originally-planned stage premiere of May 2020:

  • Jack Bianchi

  • Madeline Bourgeois

  • Delia Bush

  • Noah Fletcher

  • Rachel Kelly

  • Samantha Georgette Reed

  • Victoria Rice

  • Tony Vargas

  • César Velasco

  • Sanaz Bashiri

  • Donovan Keeler

  • Nathan Reynoso

  • Camille Roberts

  • Celisse Tan

  • Hannah Viquesney

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