A Summer In Madtown - September 05

Chapman University

 The Creative Team 

  • Michael Gribble head shot

    Michael Gribble

    (he/him) BFA Film Production, Film Music minor '21. Michael is thrilled to finally be getting this music out of his head and into other people’s heads! Writing, orchestrating, and ultimately recording this show over the last year has been a wonderful highlight of his college experience. Michael would like to thoroughly thank everyone who donated their time, energy, and talents to this wild project, particularly Amber and Sammi, who supported the show from the very beginning. Michael would especially like to thank his dad for always being there for him and for being his biggest fan. Finally, Michael would like to thank himself for writing a show in which he is able to play the piano part, because Michael probably isn’t actually good enough to play for other people’s shows.




  • Amber Steigelfest head shot

    Amber Steigelfest

    (she/her) BFA Screen Acting '21. Amber has adored co-directing Madtown, her musical directing debut! Other projects Amber has directed include Archetypes' “kinked.”, and the Primetime webseries “Panthers in Paradise.” She is also a citizen of the stage; her roles include Pompey (Measure for Measure), Carter (A Game), and Mosca (Volpone). Amber is from Nashville, Tennessee and has never owned a chicken or ridden in a tractor. She would like to thank her parents for ensuring she never picked up a Southern accent and supporting her always! Also, a huge thank you to Michael Gribble for this opportunity!


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