Annie Jr. - May 19 - May 20, 2023

Charlotte Ann Cox Elementary School


Thank you to Becky Wolfenbarger, Addie Trimble's grandmother, for designing and sewing all of our orphan aprons! Beautiful work!


Jamie Tucker, thank you for building our radio--it's stunning. Thank you also for all of your help with sewing servant dresses and for your costume help.


Vickie Clark, Malia Hamilton, and Theresa Briseneo--We really appreciate all of your support from phone calls about rehearsals to handling order forms, from all the Amazon orders to your cheerful encouragement. 


PTA--Thank you for always supporting the arts and being willing to help with our musical.


Thank you to Abi Pando, Lexi Tolar, and Robert McElroy for all their help, for dealing with our stuff in the gym, and for being great friends!


Thanks to all the parents that volunteered back stage and during rehearsals. We couldn't have done this without you.


Thanks to Kelly Fitzgerald, Reagan Habermacher, and Phyllis Chessher for their encouragement and assitance


Maddie Daulton--Thank you for your help painting the scenery. You rocked (or bricked!)!



Thanks to all the families for believing in us and letting your kiddos be part of this production. It's been amazing working with all of them.


Thanks to the fabulous cast and crew of Annie Jr. Your hard work and dedication really paid off. The show is incredible because of you!!!!

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