Annie Jr. - May 19 - May 20, 2023

Charlotte Ann Cox Elementary School

 Who's Who 

  • Samaya Luangrath head shot

    Samaya Luangrath

    as Annie (orphan)

    Samaya Luangrath is a 4th grader at Cox Elementary school. Samaya loves to play soccer, singing, dancing, and acting. This is her 1st show at Cox Elementary. Samaya has performed in the following performances through Zach theater camps and classes; Aladdin, Winnie the Pooh, and the Greatest Showman. Samaya would like to thank all her friends and family for all their support and love.

  • Fiona Parente head shot

    Fiona Parente

    as Annie (orphan)

    Fiona Marie Parente is a 3rd grader at Cox Elementary school. Fiona loves to dance, do puzzles and play games, and make everybody around her laugh. This is her 1st show at Cox Elementary. Fiona also performs with Impact Dance Company. Fiona would like to thank all of her family and friends for supporting her today and her cat "Covid" for always believing in her.

  • Jude Tyler head shot

    Jude Tyler

    as Oliver Warbucks

    Jude Tyler is a 5th grader at Cox Elementary.

  • Draven Santos-Avitia head shot

    Draven Santos-Avitia

    as Oliver Warbucks

    Draven Santos-Avitia is a 3rd grader at Cox Elementary school. Draven loves playing the piano, dancing, solving rubix cubes, playing chess, all things math/science, and collecting garbage pail kids. This is his 2nd show at Cox Elementary. He also was a part of his end of year and winter performances at his previous French school. Additionally he was able to be a part of Cox Comets choir and performed during Spurs game, Veterans Day, and winter performance last fall. Draven would like to thank his moms, grandparents, family, and his amazing teachers for all the love and support that they filled his life with.

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