Fame JR. - February 20 - February 23, 2020

Chaska Middle School East


I would like to thank:


Kathy Keppel - for coordinating all of our parent volunteers.


Tara Dorn - for the beautiful display of Student Bios.


Anne Jones - for taking the charge on concessions (for the third musical in a row).


Trina Schmieg - for running the ticket booth and helping decorate the atrium.


CMSE Custodians - for keeping our rehearsal space clean for the 2 months were rehearsaed at East.


CNS Custodians - for keeping our incredible theatre spaces beautiful.


Jon Christenson and Mike Powers - for working with our tech students and imparting your wisdon onto them, and helping me put this show together. Your help is infinite and I can never truly express how grateful I am for your work and your friendship!


Justine Scarbrough - for editing and proofreading the middle school theatre programs, year after year. Your skills are immensly appreciated, as I am the king of spelling errors and typos.


Katie Johnson - for being a rockstar community education contact. Your willingness to help with anything and everything is more help than you know.


Matt Potter, Mari Rathke, Maggie Zeidel, Scott Prescott, Caroline Swanson, Kate Kowalkowski, Eric Songer - for your incredible commitment to our students and fostering their love of the arts. The love that exudes from this stage for each of you is more than you can know. You are truly some of the finest educators these kids could ever have the privelege of working with!


Parents - for giving up your children for the last 2 months. I know it is not easy to coordinate rides, get your children to all of their activities, keep them up-to-date on homework, feed them, clothe them, and keep them healthy, etc... But you do it - and this show couldn't happen without the immense and undying support of your children!


And finally - - -


Alex Perry - We have now been a part of 6 shows together over the last 5 years - 4 with me as your director, and 2 with you as my student director. The growth you have exhibited over the years as a performer, thespian, and director has been incredible. I am so greatful to have been on this journey with you. Your sensitivity to the stage, and those who perform on it, is well beyond that of a high school senior. I know that no matter where life takes you and no matter what you choose to do that you have displayed a maturity that has shown the world that "Alex is here and she is ready to take on anything!". Good luck in the future, and know that you always have a home in the District 112 Middle School Theatre Department!

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