Fame JR. - February 20 - February 23, 2020

Chaska Middle School East

 End Notes 

Directors Note:


First and foremost, I would like to thank Mother Nature, for finally deciding to work with me and not against me for the first winter since I have started directing. Starting Monday, I can guarantee I will be humming "Bring On (a snow day) Tomorrow" until spring break.


FAME is a show that I initially wanted to do because the music is great. It's so full of life and energy; it leaves you wanting more. But as the best shows do, we discover life lessons that leave a profound impact on us. The lessons that come from these complex characters are ones I know these children can relate to, even if it is not a lessons we would wish upon the youth of the world.


Mabel lives her life on a scale - counting every ounce that is added or subtracted from her body on the daily. Her dance teacher insists that she lose weight to be successful as a dancer, and Mabel let's this body obsession eat away at her spirit.


Tyrone suffers from dyslexia, and is constantly judged for his learning disability. Tyrone doesn't want people to know he can't read, and will do anything to hide it.


Carmen desparately want to be famous, and will do anything to get anyone to notice her and her talent. She knows she has that special thing, and she will even sacrifice her education to fulfill that goal.


Each of the characters in this show have such relatable problems, and it would be great to imagine that the children in this show didn't suffer from them, but that wouldn't be true. In todays world, more and more people suffer from body image issues, especially at the middle school level. Any sign of a difference is seen as a weakness and looked harshly upon by your peers. True confidence is seen as arrogance, and people don't let themselves be the incredible person they should be so they can fit in with the masses.


I can only hope through the power of theatre that these students can see that it's ok to be different. It's ok to let yourself shine. It's ok to be your true authentic self, and do so unapologetically. I know that these students are some of the strongest young people to roam the halls of their schools - but I hope they can also spread the message that being yourself will lead to better days, and shine their light on the world through their talents, kindness, and compassion.


Bring on Tomorrow, because I KNOW it will be a good place in the hands of these amazing children!

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