Disney's High School Musical - April 30 - May 03, 2020

Chippewa Jr/Sr High School

 End Notes 


Notes from the director:


My heart goes out to everyone during this time of uncertainty and constant waiting.  We wait to get back to the things we enjoy, and although I have loved the extra time I have had with my husband, Jim and cat child, Emma, I miss my students, actors, singers, and the stage.


This time has been unprecedented in our lifetime.  We have had to seclude ourselves from others and that does not translate well in the realm of performing arts.  Actors, Singers and Dancers convey emotion through story and feed off of a live audience.  This is why there is nothing like a live performance.  Even when a live performance is recorded, it loses some of the original excitement and authenticity.  


I am thrilled that we had several performances this year through the Intermediate musical, Willy Wonka Kids, the CHS fall play, Radium Girls, and the Jr/Sr One Act Plays, Hoodie and Check Please!  Our students were luckily able to perform this year for a live audience in those performances and they were well received.  


Dear Seniors:


This is not the final bow that I wanted for you in your HS performing arts experience.  It is not the closure that I imagine that you wanted for your HS years.  I know that you are meant for great things.   You have had to endure so much in your life so far and these experiences will help you to grow stonger.  Stay strong!


Robbie: You have been an inspiration and leader to so many underclassmen. Being a real leader sometimes does not get you all of the accolades you deserve, but know that you are appreciated by many.  Stay positive and know that you make a difference in people's lives.  


Jeremy (Jerame):  There is nothing I wanted more than to give you a role where you could have your own mic.  I guess it wasn't meant to be in high school.  Know that I would love to vote for you to be POTUS someday in the future (no matter what political affiliation.) I know that you value and take in to consideration the lives of everyone around you.


Brandon: I am glad you decided to return to the Performing Arts.  I have valued your service and participation in the theatre program.  Go out and use these skills in our world.  We need positive people like you.


Clayton:  You are a theatre aficianado that is hardly replicated.  I will miss your passion for the program but I know that there are so many more performances in you. I am looking forward to seeing your next step.


Caleb:  Thank you for your loyalty to the stage.  You have had so many amazing parts that were intregal the stories we have told.  Your matter of fact nature lends itself to telling things like they are.  Thank you for your honesty.


Celia:  I wish you wouldn't have waited so long to join us.  I marvel at your sincerity and genuine nature.  These are things directors look for in great actors.  Great actors are able to empathize with the characters they are playing.







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