The Yellow Boat - January 24 - January 29, 2024

Clearfield High School

 End Notes 

Director Note

I look for productions that involve ensemble acting for my students, not only does it help to create works of art there is no better way to grow and collaborate as young actors. I had looked at this show when my good friend Andra Thorne had talked about the impact this play had on her and her students. I had contimplated doing a season based on one authors books, but my thoughts returned to this story. We had settled in on this choice long before my mother took ill, and eventually passed this summer. Little did I know how much this play would guide my grief. As I studied this work and looked for inspiration I came accross so many things about art and death. I learned the Scandinavian culture has a very positive outlook and dialogue about death. I learned the power of visual art and it's ability to teach, and help to process and heal. I know that my own personal Yellow Boat has helped guide me and my directing this year. This show is incredibly personal to me. I honor Benjamin his life and story and David for writing this work and allowing us to tell and show the story. I am forever grateful for a cast who embraced the hard and the beauty of the this story. Their vulneralbility and open performance is incredible. Art is the reason I live, and I believe what makes humanity human, the reason we live. Even though the show is sad, it is also hopeful, validating, and beautiful. Thank you for coming.


Special Thanks to...

Thank you to Mark, and Val- the greatest teamates.

Thank you to the CHS staff  for all their support.

Thank you to Parents who volunteered to help and for their support, providing rides, costumes, make-up,meals, and hugs. Your support is vital to our success thank you so much.

Thank you to the Bone family for emotional and physical support for this show and always.

Austin Hull for hanging and focusing lights, rigging,  being an amazing support. Truly CHS Theatre could not be what it is without you. You are the GOAT.

Theatre Council for their hard work.

Crystal Flinders for photography, thank you for capturing the memories.

Bryan Szymanski for creating the new music love you so! And Andra Thorne for her play list, love you more than my luggage.

Shelli, Krista and the CHS office staff.

Todd and Brady and the CHS custodial staff

Shanda and all the district theatre teaching team, your support is vital to the arts.

Mr. McBride and the Chruch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for the light donations.

An incredible administration for support of our programs and encouragement.

Tracy for you thoughtful gifts and support you are a bouy.


The multiple donations our program has received from our community. From cash donations to purchasing items from our Wish List we truly could not do it without you. Thank you so much

Stage Crew, for building and painting-embracing the weird!

The Cast for long hours, dedication, rehearsing on and off stage. You are an amazing group of artists. Watching you work together and progress has been the highlight of the production...thank you so much. 

Margaret Jacobson Scriven for your legacy, inspiration, and continual guidance...Always. 

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