The Yellow Boat - January 24 - January 29, 2024

Clearfield High School


Act 1  
The scenes take place in various locations where Benjamin grew
Blast Off
All Aboard The Yellow Boat
The Factor Eight Train
Land Ho! SCHOOL!
Set Sail, Confusion
Act 2  
Rough Waters
Birthday Waves
Rescue at Sea, Joy
Voyage through Battles and Bazooka's
Comrade Eddy
The Yellow Boat Sails to the Sun



Notes for our audience...


*This show is approximately one hour and thirty minutes. There will be one intermission and concessions will be sold in the lobby.


*Rest Rooms are also in the lobby in front of the auditorium.


*The video recording of all or parts of The Yellow Boat are strictly prohibited by federal copyright laws. 


*Please turn off all cell phones and noise making devices. Do not text or take calls in the show. Screens are a distraction

please put them away and enjoy watching live entertainment.


*Please no photography during the show.


*Please refrain from talking and whispering during the show.


*We ask that you remain in your seats until there is a break, if there is an emergency please go quietly to the lobby.


*Take any upset or talking children to the lobby.


*Thank you and enjoy the show.

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