The Lion King Jr. - June 03 - June 06, 2015

Conwell Kidz Drama Program



The Conwell Kidz at PS#3 continue to amaze and inspire me.   Grown from a third floor closet in the old building, this nationally acclaimed program continues to soar to new heights.  As the principal of PS#3, I am in awe each day I walk into the Mary Ann Wallace Theatre and see how much these 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade children have matured into young actors.  The quality of our children's performances exceed the expectations of the audience time and again.   Under the direction of Mrs. Nicole Oliver, these children not only have demonstrated their talents but they have grown to appreciate the theatre arts.   The Conwell Kidz is an established program that is part of the fabric of PS#3.  It is truly a partnership between teachers, parents, and the children.  To watch how a production develops is truly a remarkable experience.  The attention to detail in not only the singing and acting, but the set design, lighting, sound, costumes, etc is something that truly requires a work ethic and dedication by all those who have participated in the process.  

To our Kidz,  I love you guys with all my heart.   What you have accomplished over the course of the school year leaves me speechless.  You have taken a script and have brought it to life.  You have learned to sing in a foreign language, dance in a new style, and have demonstrated such an appreciation for the art.   Thank you for the countless hours of commitment and to those who move on to 6th grade, words cannot describe how sorely you will be missed.  You have left your mark in this theatre and it is here forever.  

To our parents:  You guys are an essential part of these productions.   Without your commitment, this performance would not be possible.

To Ms. Pitrelli, Ms. Rodgers, and the Design team: Your work speaks for itself.  The masks and costumes are absolutely beautiful and the attention to detail is incredible.

To Ms. Montanez:  You are an asset to this program and your contributions are immeasurable.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

To Mrs. Oliver: have taken us on another journey.  From the back row of a theatre, you have brought us to Pride Rock.  Your vision for this production has brought this program to new heights.  Your countless hours of imagining, creating, coaching, teaching, modeling, and leading has manifested itself in one of the greatest shows I've ever seen.  You continue to push the bar higher for our Kidz and the school as a whole.  On behalf of the entire school community, BRAVO!!   I can't wait to see what's in store for the holiday show.  You have outdone yourself once again.  


-Darren L. Mischel, PS#3 Principal

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