The Lion King Jr. - June 03 - June 06, 2015

Conwell Kidz Drama Program

 Who's Who 

  • Carizma Ross head shot

    Carizma Ross

    as Rafiki

    Meet Carizma Ross! She's in the 5th grade and has a lot of talent. Carizma is very weird but that makes her unique. She likes to create characters. Carizma participated in the Junior theater Festival with the Conwell Kidz Drama program. She is proud to be playing Rafiki in the Lion King. Carizma wants to be a singer, dancer, actor, model and everything you can think of. She is Amazing.

  • Loyad Booker Jr. head shot

    Loyad Booker Jr.

    as Mufasa

    is presently employed as a Bayonne police officer. He has always enjoyed the performing arts. It followed him from high school al the way to college. He jumped at the chance to perform with the Conwell Kidz again (Annie jr was his 1st production with them). He would like to thank the school's theatrical director Nicole Oliver for allowing him to share in this experience with the talented young students of the Conwell School. He also thanks Mr. Mischel and the Conwell Family.

  • Amanda Zweifler head shot

    Amanda Zweifler

    as Sarabi

    Amanda is in the 5th grade and is graduating this year, She loves volleyball and is in the NYC jr Volleyball club. Previous play include Annie and Winnie the Pooh. She would like to dedicate this play to her Mom, Dad, Jerry Christakas, and Davide Zweifler.

  • Alexandra Pereira-Shorey head shot

    Alexandra Pereira-Shorey

    as Zazu

    Alexandra loves to perform. Previous plays includes Annie Jr, Yes Virginia, Peter Pan jr. Winnie the Pooh and now the Lion King Jr. She participated in the Junior Theater Festival in Georgia as Tiger Lily. She dedicates this performance to Mrs. Oliver for a wonderful experience. She thanks her family and friends for supporting her. Special thanks to Kelly Cabrera for always being by her side.

  • Jeremiah Gonzalez head shot

    Jeremiah Gonzalez

    as Scar

    Jeremiah likes to spend his time writing books and making shows with his toys. Previous shows include Yes Virginia, Annie, Peter Pan Jr, and Winnie the Pooh Christmas Carol. At the Junior theater Festival he was chosen as an all star. He graduates this year. He is very happy to be a part of the Conwell Kidz Drama program.

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