Dial A for Agatha - February 25 - February 29, 2020

Dial A for Agatha

 Who's Who 

  • Rob Hunt head shot

    Rob Hunt

    Rob Hunt lives in CT with his brilliant wife, three unruly sons and one magical fish. He has appeared in numerous plays in the tri-state area but is currently unable to recall any of them. This is almost certainly due to his advancing years. Visit robhuntactor.com for more unreliable information.

  • Mike Mills head shot

    Mike Mills

    Mike is originally from Michigan. He has acted in theater, film and TV productions. He would like to thank his family; Gary Swanson, David Gideon and Kristine Sanabria. 

  • Nick Kaye head shot

    Nick Kaye

    as Simon Chase

    Born in Britain, Nick now lives outside NYC. An actor for ten years, he has done theater and short films and recently shot his first TV pilot! This is his third time appearing on stage with Rob Hunt and his first at the Hudson Guild Theater. Nick has directed several plays and trains with Matt Newton of MN Acting Studios. A omputer programmer by trade, he is an Agatha Christie fan and hopes you enjoy this spin.

  • Bill Loerch head shot

    Bill Loerch

    as Sven "Alfie" Dietrickson

    A native son of Queens, Bill Loerch has found salvation behind and in front of the camera. He has produced numerous music videos, short films and has graced the stage, performing stand-up comedy with the likes of Jim Gaffigan, Will Ferrell and David Atell. His alter ego, Bill the Puppet has been offering social commentay on YouTube for some time. 

  • Renee Christina Hickerson head shot

    Renee Christina Hickerson

    Hailing from the jungles of New Jersey, Renee learned to fend for herself at an early age. She studied screenwriting under the late Professor Guy Gallow at Columbia University. She currently teaches Literature and Writing in New York City. 

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