Disney's High School Musical - One Act Edition - August 05



Scene I: East High School Steps (& Ski Lodge) - Monday, 7:45 AM
Wildcat Cheer  
Start of Something New  
Troy, Gabriella, Company
Scene II: Ms. Darbus's Homeroom - Monday, 8:00 AM
Scene III: Hallway - Monday, 8:15 AM
Scene IV: Gym - Monday, 8:30 AM
Get'cha Head in the Game  
Troy, Jocks
Scene V: Chemistry Lab - Monday, 2:00 PM
Scene VI: Theater - Monday, 3 PM
Scene VII: Theater - Tuesday, 3 PM
Auditions (Bop to the Top/What I've Been Looking For)  
Thespians, Ms Darbus
What I've Been Looking For  
Ryan, Sharpay
What I've Been Looking For (reprise)  
Troy, Gabriella
Scene VIII: Hallway - Wednesday, 8:15 AM
Scene IX: Cafeteria - Wednesday, Noon
Stick to the Status Quo  
Scene X: Rooftop Garden - Wednesday, 12:30 PM
Scene XI: Sharpay's Locker - Wednesday, 12:30 PM
Scene XII: Study Hall - Wednesday, 1:00 PM
Scene XIII: Gym - Wednesday, 3:30 PM
Scene XIV: Locker Room/Lab - Wednesday, 4:00 PM
Counting On You  
Jocks, Brainiacs
When There Was Me and You  
Gabriella, Troy
Scene XV: Isolated Spaces - Wednesday, Evening
Scene XVI: Theater - Thursday, 12:45 PM
Scene XVII: Study Hall - Thursday, 1:00 PM
We're All in This Together  
Chad, Taylor, Kelsi, Jocks, Brains
Scene XVIII: Lab/Theater/Locker Room & Gym - Friday, 3 PM
Bop to the Top  
Sharpay, Ryan, Brains, Jocks
Breaking Free  
Troy, Gabriella, Company
Scene XIX: Gym - Friday, 5:00 PM
We're All in This Together (reprise)  

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