Disney's High School Musical - One Act Edition - August 05


 Who's Who 

  • Trinity Carter head shot

    Trinity Carter

    as Cathy

    Trinity is 12 years old and enjoys volleyball, drawing, crafting, gaming, and staying up late. She would like to be an animator or a teacher when she grows up. She wants to thank all of her family and friends, even the ones she just met this year.

  • Gabrielle Delicat head shot

    Gabrielle Delicat

    as Gabriella Montez

    Gabby is 13 and enjoys walking, listening to music, and singing. She hopes to become a nurse, doctor, or surgeon one day. She thanks her Mom, Victoria, Ms. Sonia, and Sydney.

  • Jakhia Lihfred head shot

    Jakhia Lihfred

    as Cyndra

    Jakhia is 18 years old and enjoys reading, singing, and performing spoken word. She is attending IRSC this fall and studying to become a sugreon. She wants to thank her mom and sister for their encouragement.

  • Sherica Baker head shot

    Sherica Baker

    as Susan

    Sherica is 14 years old and likes to play football, watch TV, and listen to music. She hopes to become an actress when she is older. Sherica thanks her family for their encouragement and support.

  • Victoria Delicat head shot

    Victoria Delicat

    as Taylor McKessie

    Victoria is 15 years old and loves painting, shopping, and going out with friends. She wants to pursue a career as a real estate agent. Victoria would like to thank her mom for her support.

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