Puffs - April 21 - April 24, 2022

East Central College


Crew Members  
Head Stage Manager  
Shania Wilson  
Assistant Stage manager  
Mechelle Enloe  
Light Board Operator  
Ally Meadows  
Sound Board Operator  
Emma Adams  
Spot Operator  
Kar Meyer  
Backstage Run Crew  
Sarah O'Bannon
Rail Crew  
Adrian Smith  
Ashley Henke and Sara Schaible
Head Usher  
Grace Allgaier  
Castle Prop Pieces built by  
Ron Karl  
Box Office Manager  
Connor Joyce  
Ushering and Lobby props Provided by  
Claire Birke, Cheyanna Bowen, Alaina Brinker, Ruthie Cordia, Aaron Dodd, Ryan Dreste, Brooklen Eckelkamp, Jessica Ellis, Maria Fabay, Devon Farris, Emily Green, Angel Jimenez, Jayde Roettgers, Jessica Stallman, Payton Warfield, Megan Wiggins, Kassidi Branson
Portrait Photography by  
Julie Merkle  
Show Photography by  
Alan Shawgo  
Lobby Host  
Briley Howell  
Set Construction  
Grace Allgaier, Grace Sellers, Sarah O'Bannon, Ashley Henke, Emma Adams, Ally Meadows, Adrian Smith, Sara Schaible, Kar Meyer, Andrew Utz, Sebastian Montowine, Shania Wilson, Ally Meadows

*= indicates swing


What is a Swing?


A swing is an actor who is able to cover multiple roles. We normally use swings in our large musicals, but it was very important this year as we navigated COVID that we had additional swings who were able to cover any and all parts of the show in rehearsal.


I am ALWAYS grateful to my actors for how generous they are to step up, but I am ESPECIALLY grateful this year for our swings. We used them in almost every rehearsal for health and safety reasosn, and without them this would have been a much more difficult process. A swing is a tough job that requires a lot of focus, planning and organization- and they stepped up beautifully.


Here's to our swings- on with the show!


Grace Austin, Director





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