The Dining Room - February 19 - February 21, 2021

Elyria High School Drama Club


Crew Members  
Stage Manager  
Alexandra Thornsbury*@+  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Owen Thornsbury  
Master Electrician  
Drew Roberson  
Assistant Electrician  
Emma Kocsis@  
Audio Master  
Richelle Bridges@+  
Assistant Audio Master  
Anthony White  
Props Masters  
Zoey Povlsen@, Jyrone Tucker*+
Master Carpenters  
Bobby Long*+, Carsen Ponczocha*@+, Frankie Proszek@+
Construction Crew  
Katie Rothgery, David Goodell, Jr., Owen Thornsbury
Scenic Artist  
Emelia Hale*+  
Assistant Paint Master  
Kaitlyn Altobelli*@  
Paint Crew  
Katie Rothgery, Rachel Sweitzer, Julie Bailey, Mia Congress, Maggie Pridemore
Lowen DeVito, Maggie Pridemore, Mia Congress*, Carsen Ponczocha*@+
Makeup Artist  
Claire Newman*+  
Running Crew  
Emma Kocsis@, Rachel Sweitzer, Julie Fritsch, Frankie Proszek@+, Sophie Kocsis
Publicity Manager  
Emelia Hale*+  
Program Editor  
Kaitlyn Altobelli*@
House Manager  
Frankie Proszek@+  

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