The Dining Room - February 19 - February 21, 2021

Elyria High School Drama Club

 Who's Who 

  • Bobby Long*+ head shot

    Bobby Long*+

    as Father, Architect, Ted, Paul, Fred, Gordon, Jim, Standish

    Bobby Long Jr. is very excited for his senior year and very grateful to be voted in as vice president of the drama club, which he has been in for his entire high school career. He thanks Mr. Graves (Yung Gravy) for giving him the chance to do his favorite thing, perform, and everyone in the club for always being by his side, even when they annoy him for rides.

  • Jyrone Tucker*+ head shot

    Jyrone Tucker*+

    as Arthur, Boy, Michael, Billy, Chris, David, Guest

    Jyrone Tucker is a senior whose favorite roles include Dr. Einstein in Arsenic and Old Lace, East in Almost, Maine, Ed in And Then They Came For Me, and Jedidiah Schultz in The Laramie Project. Jyrone enjoys playing guitar and singing in choir and thanks Angel Arnold for convincing him to join drama his freshman year.

  • David Goodell+ head shot

    David Goodell+

    as Howard, Brewster, Nick, Ben, Dick, Host

    David Goodell is a senior who played Lennie Neumark in Up the Down Staircase. He enjoys playing video games and reading and thanks Carsen Ponczocha.

  • Carsen Ponczocha*@+ head shot

    Carsen Ponczocha*@+

    as Client, Psychiatrist, Grandfather, Stuart, Tony, Harvey

    Carsen Ponczocha is a senior and the president of the drama club. His favorite roles include Heinz Geiringer in And Then They Came For Me and The Bartender in Mamma Mia!. He enjoys singing, acting, and performing in the band. He thanks his family, Donna, Scott, and Braeden Ponczocha, for always volunteering for everything in drama club.

  • Kristen Barr*+ head shot

    Kristen Barr*+

    as Agent, Grace, Peggy, Helen, Meg

    Kristen Barr is a senior who worked on sound for most Elyria High shows since 2017. She enjoys spending time with friends and making memories and thanks Tyler, Jasmine, and Isabella for supporting her.

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