Godspell - September 15 - September 17, 2023

First English Lutheran Church LIFE players

 Notes from our Co-Directors 


When I volunteered to co-direct this show, I had heard of Godspell but had never read nor seen the play. I must admit it took me several read-throughs to get my head around the wide range of antics and emotions the musical evokes. It wasn't until I was able to see our amazing cast bring the show to life that I really appreciated it. These actors are on stage almost the entire show, and their stamina, teamwork, and talent are truly a joy to behold. Our amazing technical team has helped bring all of my visions to life, and I am so, so grateful to everyone that is a part of this show. Godspell is about Jesus's teaching, no doubt, but on a larger scale it is about life lessons and the growth of a loving community. In that way, I hope this is a musical that resonates with everyone and inspires you all to Let Your Light So Shine! Thanks so much for coming.



I am so happy to be a part of this production!! We have been through a lot to get here. So very thankful to Julie Nixon and Jillian Nixon for their immense knowledge and talent for making this show a success. A shout out also to our awesome cast! God is so good, He provides the right people at the right place. Cannot forget our tech crew and musicians without your talent and love we could not do this!! All the volunteers from concessions and elsewhere are so appreciated!!






Special Thanks to:


Ann Arbor Civic Theatre

Mercury Sound and Lighting

Gilbert's Hardware

Pastor Sean Motley

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