Godspell - September 15 - September 17, 2023

First English Lutheran Church LIFE players


Act 1  
Tower of Babble  
Prepare Ye (The Way of the Lord)  
John the Baptist, Company
Save the People  
Jesus, Company
Day by Day  
Robin, Company
Learn Your Lessons Well  
Gilmer, Jesus, Company
O, Bless the Lord, My Soul  
Peggy, Gilmer, Company
All for the Best  
Jesus, Judas, Company
All Good Gifts  
Lamar, Company
Light of the World  
Act 2  
Learn Your Lessons (Reprise)  
Lamar, Company
Turn Back, O Man  
Sonia, Jesus, Company
Beautiful City  
Alas for You  
By My Side  
Peggy, Gilmer, Company
We Beseech Thee  
Jeffrey, Company
Day by Day (Reprise)  
Peggy, Gilmer, Company
On the Willows  
The Band and Crew
Jesus, Company



A message from our Pastor:


Welcome to First English Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Thank you for attending this production of Godspell.

We are blessed to be able to gather together and enjoy the talents and efforts

of so many recognizing that all that is good comes from God.

Join with us in worship and in learning to

see Jesus more clearly,

love Him more dearly,

and follow Him more nearly.


God bless you and enjoy the show!


Yours in Christ <>< ,

Pastor Sean

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