3RD ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM: Finding the Right Mental Health Care Professional - September 17

Frank Ridge Memorial Foundation, Inc.


  • Psychiatrist M. D.

    A psychiatrist is a medical doctor (M.D.) who has  selected psychiatry as their specialty. A child psychiatrist is a psychiatrist who has done their rotation in child psychiatry and elected to work with children and adolescents. Unfortunately, good child psychiatrists are in short supply.  A psychiatrist can write prescriptions.

  • Psychopharmacologist M.D.

    A psychopharmacologist is an M.D. psychiatrist with all of the credentials and training of a psychiatrist.  They  specialize in the study of medication used to treat psychiatric illnesses. A psychopharmacologist can write prescriptions.

  • Psychologist (Masters & Ph.D. levels)

    A psychologist may have a Masters degree and/or a Ph.D. (doctorate) in psychology. Clinical psychologists specialize in psychiatric disorders. A psychologist cannot write prescriptions in New York State. Psychologists frequently see clients weekly for therapy.

  • Licensed Social Worker (LMSW and LCSW)

    New York Licensed Master Social Workers (LMSW) have earned a Masters degree and passed a national licensing exam. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) has completed an M.S.W. degree that includes clinical courses, has three years of post-degree supervised experience in clinical social work, and has passed a clinical licensing examination. Social workers help individuals, families, and groups change behaviors, emotions, attitudes, relationships, and social conditions to restore and enhance their capacity to meet their personal and social needs. Social workers are trained to provide a variety of services, ranging from psychotherapy to the administration of health and welfare programs. LCSWs cannot write prescriptions.

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