SAME Room, DIFFERENT Story - October 13 - October 15, 2021

Fullerton Union High School


Act 1  
SURPRISE: Four friends hide in their friend's room for a surprise party.
AGAIN: Rory and Riley are sick of listening to their parents fight. Is it time they take things into their own hands?
HOMEWORK: Scott and Kyna might be studying English, but they can't seem to find the words to share their feelings.
GONE: Friends sneak into their friend's room to try and find out why.
Act 2  
SECRET: Ash told Kai and secret. Will it change everything?
BOX: Quinn gets a box as an inheritance. What is the meaning of it?
PACKING: Two siblings catch their brother packing to leave home during a game of hide and seek.
QUIZ: What happens when you are not ready for the quiz?


There will be a brief intermission between Act One and Act Two. Please feel free to purchase concessions and other items. All proceeds support the FUHS Drama Booster Club. 





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