In the Heights - May 24 - June 03, 2017

Garfield High School

 Special Acknowledgements 

Andrew Rannheck of Effortless ATM

Ron Cook of RL Cook


Grace Church Seattle


Bonnie Hungate-Hawk and the AP Studio Art Class

Tom Hungate, Jia Jones, Jill MacCorkle, Ron Wong, Kelton Hungate, Ross Hungate-Hawk

 And The Supporters of Theatre at Garfield Board of Directors


Please accept our apologies if we have missed acknowledging your contribution to the success of the production, it was not intentional.



The following businesses have been instrumental in making our production of In the Heights a success.  As supporters of the arts we hope that you will patronize their establishments in order that they might continue that support.


Board & Vellum · RL Cook · Effortless ATM · Fusion Math · Jia Jones · Meter Music School · 

Seattle Kettlebell Club · Starbucks · Vida Integrated Health


Garfield Theatre Program Needs Your Support!


Putting on this show takes a lot of hard work, planning, and practice. It also takes a lot of money. We need your support.

Your contributions will help fund all the activities of the Theatre Department including the Autumn Show, the Children’s Show in January, Dramatic Paws, and the Spring Musical.  We need the funds to:

· Purchase tools, equipment, and supplies, pit piano, and a lot of paint, wood, canvas, and fabric.

· Pay for script costs.  (The royalty fees for a musical can run over $5,400).

· Achieve our goal for the 2017-18 school year of helping to send a group of students to the Washington State Thespian Society Conference in Bellingham.  This gathering, which features classes, workshops and performances for actors and technical crew, gets rave reviews and we’d like to ensure that all students who are interested are financially able to participate.

Please support us at one of the following levels. We will be proud to include an acknowledgement of your gift in the programs for our 2017-2018 productions.


               Patron             $2000 and up                    Director                $100 - $249

               Partner            $1000 - $1999                  Lead                     $50 - $99

               Supporter         $500 - $999                     Cast Member         $1 - $49

               Producer          $250 - $499                                                              


STaGe (Supporters of Theatre at Garfield) is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization.

All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

Send your checks to:

STaGe · PO Box 18846 · Seattle WA 98118


Supporters of Theatre at Garfield Patrons


                              Patron - $2000 and up        Director - $100-$249         Cast Member - $1-$49

                              Jill & Sean MacCorkle              Frank Hungate                 Margaret Hobart


STaGe Board

                       Jill MacCorkle - President & Webmaster                           Vacant - VP

                                Tanya Kamila - Secretary                               Janet Gwilym - Treasurer


                          Carol Aoki-Kramer             Salina Gray            Todd & Rosa Lefkowicz

                            Sean MacCorkle              Ann Manley                  Susan Mundell       

                              Sue Peters                   Matt Sullivan                     Bing Tso


Note: The mission of STaGe is to support the theatre program at Garfield in all its incarnations: classes (acting, technical theatre and theatre production), extra-curricular events, festivals and productions, including support for Garfield Thespians. Garfield Thespians is a student-run organization that produces Dramatic Paws one acts and 5 Plays 5 Days.


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