In the Heights - May 24 - June 03, 2017

Garfield High School


  • Amira Abdel-Fattah head shot

    Amira Abdel-Fattah

    as Nina Rosario

    Amira is a senior who will be playing Nina, even though she hasn't been in a musical before and is kinda annoyed by theater kids. However, she feels a deep spiritual/emotional connection to both Nina and Lin-Manuel Miranda and is excited to perform!

  • Keya Abgaz head shot

    Keya Abgaz

    as Barrio Inhabitant

    Miskeya “Keya” Abegaz is a 14 year old freshman who currently attends Garfield high school. Keya was raised in a single parent household. Before Garfield Keya attended Madrona Pre-K – 8 for 9 years. She has played saxophone, trumpet and violin, as well as performed in choirs.

  • Juliet Ahrens-Siegel head shot

    Juliet Ahrens-Siegel

    as Barrio Inhabitant

    Juliet Ahrens-Siegel is in 9th grade portraying an ensemble member in this production of In the Heights. Juliet has loved musical theatre ever since she saw The Little Mermaid when she was five, now show tunes are the only music she knows.

  • Chiyo Aoki-Kramer* head shot

    Chiyo Aoki-Kramer*

    as Daniela

    Chiyo came back second semester of this year after spending a year technically "going to school" but mostly relaxing in New Zealand. She enjoyed watching the USA go down in flames only to realize that she had to come back. However she hopes that her role as Daniela can spread some comic relief during the show.

  • Christina Aristides head shot

    Christina Aristides

    as Barrio Inhabitant

    Christina is a meme loving annoying freshman who is a barrio inhabitant but that doesn't stop her from being a star.

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