Disney's The Little Mermaid - June 02 - June 05, 2021

Garfield High School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Amelia Carrott*

    Stage Manager

    is a senior at Garfield high school. She has been participating in Garfield Theater shows since her freshman year. She has loved working with this lovely cast and hope you enjoy her last show at Garfield!

  • Gray Barta*

    Assistant Stage Manager

    is an assistant stage manager and previously worked on Noises Off and The Phantom Tollbooth. Gray uses they/them pronouns and is a Junior at Garfield High School.

  • Chloe Payton-Zindle*

    Assistant Stage Manager

    is a Garfield senior barely hanging on. She has been in every Garfield drama production in some capacity over the last 4 years. Chloe has done all the things for The Little Mermaid from storyboarding to directing scenes. In her free time, she enjoys eating chicken nuggets and doing tarot readings. Chloe will be attending Suffolk University in Boston in the fall to pursue a degree in psychology in hopes to become a drama therapist. She would like to thank Mr. Saunders and Ms. Gress for being the best teachers ever. Enjoy the show!

  • Maija Brown*

    Costume Designer

    is a senior in her third year of designing costumes for Garfield Theater. Pieces designed and createdby her were seen in Garfield’s past production of Spring Awakening and would have been worn in a production of Cinderella if not for the pandemic. As well as costuming, Maija enjoys writing and directing and would one day like to write a script or novel.

  • Tal Brown*

    Props Manager

    is a sophomore and this is their first time being involved in a musical at Garfield! They're your friendly neighborhood Propmeister and will happily grab you a dinglehopper if you ask nicely. They hope you enjoy the show and remember to fully read a contract before signing in order to avoid legal trouble.

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