Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson Musical - August 05 - August 07, 2022

Goshen Theatre Project

 End Notes 



     Roughly one year ago I was struggling to find a summer show that would not only spark the creative challenge within myself, but also be different and draw the interest from a group of performers that may want to work with us. Then, my best friend at work suggested the Lightning Thief. I knew of the story of Percy Jackson as the series of books were one of my daughters’ favorites, but a musical?

Little did I know that this show would be the most different undertaking I have had in my extensive years in theatre. I have always been a behind the scenes creative force, but for the first time I was encouraged to direct the entire production. My daughter, Halli, has always been my inspiration and consequently the entire reason why I am as involved in theater as I am. She convinced me that I could bring all the crazy ideas in my head to life. From crazy hand-built monster costumes, insane light effects, serious stage combat, and a very fast paced rock beat- the Lightning Thief will not disappoint.

     I could not have succeeded in this endeavor without the crazy talents of my production staff. I am genuinely blessed to have them as some of my closest friends. A special Thank You to our music director who fit right in with this crazy group, and the dynamic fighting duo for the amazing stage combat choreography… and there is a lot of it. The SFX Light Guy and Minotaur have been my rock and they will never know how much I appreciate them or what they mean to me. The talent in this cast leaves me in awe after every rehearsal and performance. A director could not ask for a more dedicated group of individuals to work with. It was truly a gift to watch them have fun and become a family that I will never forget.

Percy’s story is one that we can all relate to regardless of our age. We are all searching for acceptance. We all want the love of family. We all have issues. Normal is a myth, and the real world is full of monsters..… so bring it!

                                                                        -Terry Pattison, Director






Furies: Sister goddesses of vengeance, specifically revenge for wrongs done by children to their Godly parents.


Minotaur: Born from a human and a bull born from the sea by Poseidon. Kept out of sight by Minos King of Crete, diet mainly consists of human flesh.


Cyclops: Multiple of them. Powerful blacksmiths who forged Zeus's thunderbolt. Known for being dimwitted and violent.


Chimera: Chold of Typhon and Echidna. A fire breathing horror with head and body of a lion, second head of a goat and tail of a snake.


Medusa: A gorgon. Cursed by Athena for having an affair with Poseidon in a temple of Athena. Before being cursed, Medusa and her sisters were extremely proud of their good looks.


Cerberus: Child of Typhon and Echidna. Three headed dog who guards the gate of the underworld. Known as the Hound of Hades.


Echidna: Half woman, half snake, know as the mother of all monsters, daughter of Tartarus.


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