Lightning Thief: Percy Jackson Musical - August 05 - August 07, 2022

Goshen Theatre Project



SAMUEL POULSEN-(DJ Cerberus, Farmer, Bus Driver) Samuel is so excited to be a part of GTP's production of Percy Jackson. This will be his 8th show with Goshen. Some of his previous shows were: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Goran), Les Mis (Assistant Stage Manager), and Willy Wonka Jr (Director). He would like to thank his family and his friends for all of their support.

KAILA JUENGER-(Aunty Em) Kaila is excited to be cast in her first GTP role! She worked with GTP as assistant director for Peter and the Starcatcher earlier this season, and behind the scenes on Les Misérables in 2019. She has performed in plays and musicals throughout middle and high school, but this will be her first performance since 2016. She would like to dedicate her performance to all survivors. 

CASE WARNER-(Uncle Ferdinand/Swing Actor) Case is thrilled to be a part of GTP's Lightning Thief! He is a part of his high school's drama club and marching band. Case's past theatre credits include Moana Jr. (Chief Tui - GTP), Puffs (Ernie Mac, A Certain Potions Teacher, 2nd Headmaster), Willy Wonka Jr. (Willy Wonka), and Peter Pan (Micheal Darling). He would like to thank his family and the production staff at GTP for this amazing opportunity.

BRADEN NEIGHBORS-(Hades, Ensemble) Braden is ecstatic to be a part of GTP's Percy Jackson:The Lightning Thief! This is their first show here at Goshen, but they have been in many shows such as Newsies, Anastasia, and Disaster! The musical! They enjoy reading, writing, and hanging out with friends. They want to thank their parents and friends for being supportive and hopes you enjoy the show!

AVA STOCK-(Thalia, Ensemble) Ava is so excited to be performing in her second show with GTP! Last year she did Moana Jr. with GTP and had an absolute blast! Her passion is to perform and live in the moment of a performance. She hopes you enjoy the show and that you aren’t turned to stone!

LEAH CONNELLY-(Squirrel, Ensemble) Leah enjoys performing; whether acting, singing or playing percussion. She has been in over two dozen school and community theatre productions, including GTP's inaugural production of Shrek as a dwarf and to the most recent productions of Peter and the Starcatcher as Peter and Willy Wonka Jr as Mr Bucket. She would like to thank her family and friends for their support.

GABY BANNISTER-(Fury, Ensemble) Gaby is so excited to be playing in the ensemble of Goshen’s production of The Lightning Thief! Some of Gaby’s past roles include, Fighting Prawn (Peter and the Starcatcher), Evie (Disney’s Descendants), and Peter Pan (Peter Pan Jr.). She hopes you enjoy the show! 

ELLIANA FIORINO-(Fury, EnsembleThis is Ellie's sixth show with GTP. She is excited and grateful for the opportunity to further her experiences with this great theater group. Ellie will also be part of GTP's Meet Me In St. Louis winter production. She hopes you enjoy the show as much as she has enjoyed being part of it.  

ELLA SCHNARE-(EnsembleElla is excited to be a part of GTP's Lightning Thief. She has been in previous shows such as Annie, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, Tom Sawyer, and Macbeth (as Lady Macbeth). She enjoys fishing, singing, acting, reading, playing her instruments, and drawing. She is thankful for her opportunity to be in this production, since this is her first production with community theater. She would like to thank her parents and her 7 younger siblings for their support. She hopes to find some friends, and she hopes you enjoy the show!

CLAIRE HOLLIDAY-(EnsembleClaire Holliday it excited to be a performing with Goshen again. They are the Dramaturg, Movement Coach and in the ensemble. They are a Senior at SIUE for Theater Education but can also commonly be found in the dance studios.

ROXY DAUGHERTY-(Newscaster, EnsembleRoxy Daugherty has been in love with the theatre since she was three years old. This is her 16th production, but her second Goshen production. She was previously in GTP's Willy Wonka Jr. She loves to sing, act, and play the ukulele. She hopes you enjoy the show.

ABBY SCOTT-(Mozart, EnsembleAbby is excited to be a part of GTP's Lightning Thief. She has been in previous shows such as Willy Wonka Jr. Shrek, Wizard of Oz, Frozen, Aristocats, Junie B. Jones, and Fiddler on the Roof. Abby loves to sing and dance. She would love to thank her family and friends for all their support.  

SOPHIA HOLOBAUGH-(EnsembleSophia is an aspiring actress with a strong passion for musical theatre. Recently, Sophia has acted in Oklahoma! and All Shook Up for her school, as well as Willy Wonka Jr., Annie Jr., and Beauty and the Beast with GTP. She would like to express her gratitude to everyone in her life who has helped her in becoming the person she is today.

JENN BICKEL-(Minotaur) Jenn is thrilled to be in her first production at GTP. She handles all promotion and social media for Goshen and OTHS theatre and is known for being Nevan and Reilly's mom. Her kids are her inspiration for everything. She says to hit up the concession stand. She also will only be going by the name Momotaur from now on. 

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