Peter Pan - December 09 - December 11, 2022

Greenfield High School Theater

 Peter Pan and Wendy 


Scene 1 - The Nursery

Scene 2 - Among the Clouds

Scene 3 - Neverland

Scene 4 - The Lagoon

Scene 5 - The Lost Boys Hideout

Scene 6 - The Jolly Roger

Scene 7 - The Nursery

Scene 8 - Years later in the Nursery



There is not an intermission





Be Advised:

This performance utilizes fake weaponry. All prop weaponry is managed by adults. 



The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited by law. Violation of this result in the show being stopped and violators removed from the theater without refund. 


Food and Drink:

Food and drink are NOT allowed in the theater.


Audience Etiquette:

For the courtesy of all the audience members and the performers, cellular phones and pagers must be silenced during the show. Please be mindful that inadvertent noise and excessive movement can be disruptive to the theatrical experience.



From the Director: 

What a joy this production has been to work on this semester. We started our journey with several days studying and discussing our vision of the show, the goals each character has, and how we wanted to tell this story as a collective team. Had you been a fly on the wall, you may have been just as impressed as I was by their thoughtfullness in addressing the text - both the good aspects and the out-of-touch pieces. These initial conversations were crucial in moving forward together with a common vision for the production.


Throughout the process, students have continued to be at the forefront of the creative and artistic decisions on and off the stage. Our theater program continues to move to a student-centered, student-led approach with the vision of the students being put into action. Our crew learned about different paint techniques (check out that gorgeous wood paneling!), our costume team learned about color stories and differentiating characters, and our actors learned how to create stage pictures and communicate the subtext of their lines. Our team leaders have put in a tremendous amount of work to ensure all of the pieces fit together and within our common vision.


Thank you for supporting our program and these students by being here this evening to celebrate their work and growth as theater practioners. We hope you enjoy your trip to Neverland with us this evening and hope to see you again in the spring for Legally Blonde the Musical.

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