Peter Pan - December 09 - December 11, 2022

Greenfield High School Theater


Hawks Drama extends a Special Heartfelt Thank You to:


  • Greenfield Administration: Superintendent Lisa Elliott, Principal Todd Willems, Athletic/Activities Director Mr. Thad Dulde, Mrs. Lindsay Wurster, Mr. Dominic Erner, Mr. Dave Williams, and Mrs. Patrice Ball


  • The incredible Mrs. Sharon Sabinash, Mrs. Cameo Abifarin, Mrs. Donna Niebler, and Mrs. Tanya Metzger


  • Ms. Colleen Jaskulski and the Tosa East Players for sharing their crocodile


  • Teachers and Staff at GHS for their kind words of encouragement and academic support


  • Drama Parent Organization for ongoing support of our students and program


  • Parents, guardians, families, and friends of our students


  • The community for coming to support the arts in our district


  • Mrs. Kelsey Citkowski, Mrs. Cindy Sibley, and students for laundering costumes


  • Anyone who helped or supported us in any way. We did not mean to forget you, and we appreciate all you have done for us!
The Drama Parent Organization has flowers, Dramagrams, and 50/50 raffle tickets for sale in the lobby. All proceeds support theater at GHS.
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After The Show:
The Cast and Crew will greet guests in the lobby following this performance. Please do not go into the green room, backstage, or on the stage.

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