Onto the Stage - July 17 - July 18, 2020

Greenville Family Theater
Greenville Family Theater


Music arranged by


Laura Maxwell

and Amy Hale

Lyrics by


Carlee Abschneider, Juan Botero, Amy Hale, Karl Martin, 

Adelle Money, Esther Oglesby, Rebekah Oglesby, 

Ariel Ross, Linda Ross, Kate Selph, Janie Shasteen, 

Amy Shoemake, Kylie Shoemake, Kathleen Smith, 

D. Robert Smith, Dennis Strickland, Audra Tibboel, 

Avery Tibboel, Paige Tibboel, Angela Vaughn





Rebekah Oglesby, 

Adelle Money,

Avery Tibboel, 

Paige Tibboel, 

Janie Shasteen,

Emily Collins,

Mally Holleman,

Juan Botero, 

Karl Martin, 

Amy Hale, 

Kylie Shoemake, 

Molly Lane, 

Esther Oglesby,

Kayden Snyder, 

Josiah Oglesby,

Alex Delgado,

Carlee Abschneider,

Skylar Thomas, 

Kate Selph,

Ella Selph,

Evie Collins,

Abi Armstrong,

Lizzie Price,

Bobby Hale,

David Hale,

Bethany Oglesby



Amy Hale


Assistant Director

Audra Tibboel


Administrative Assistant

Laura Selph


Safety Coordinator

John Selph

Music Director

Laura Maxwell



Jennifer Snyder



Linda Ross


Hair and Makeup

Rebekah Oglesby

House Manager

Amanda Christian


Green Room Manager

Ann Marie Oglesby


Tech Design

Pip Bickford


Set/Prop Designer

Amy Shoemake


Choreographed by Ariel Ross


Directed by Amy Hale