Onto the Stage - July 17 - July 18, 2020

Greenville Family Theater


Act 1  
Onto The Stage!  
Josiah Oglesby, Amy Hale, Mally Holleman, Juan Botero, Esther Oglesby, Bobby Hale, Audra Tibboel, Avery Tibboel, Adelle Money, Emily Collins, Molly Lane
Abi Armstrong, Emily Collins
COVID Life  
Adelle Money, Kate Selph, Avery Tibboel, Abi Armstrong, Josiah Oglesby, Skylar Thomas, Lizzie Price, Kylie Shoemake, Bethany Oglesby, Esther Oglesby, Ella Selph
Stay Home  
Paige Tibboel, Kayden Snyder (Acro)
Adelle Money, Kayden Snyder / Paige Tibboel (Acro)
Watch What Happens  
Kylie Shoemake, Esther Oglesby
Out in the World  
Avery Tibboel
COVID World  
Mally Holleman, Alex Delgado and dancers Ariel Ross, Daniel Smith
On My Own  
Avery Tibboel
Somewhere Out There  
Abi Armstrong, Bobby Hale
Bring it Here  
Kate Selph, Adelle Money
Do You Want to Make a Dollhouse?  
Lizzie Price, Evie Collins
Paige Tibboel
New COVID Things  
Janie Shasteen
Amazon Delivery  
Janie Shasteen, Lizzie Price, Bethany Oglesby, Evie Collins, Ella Selph
Anything You Can Do  
Skylar Thomas, Lizzie Price, Evie Collins
You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Mask  
Ariel Ross, Kayden Snyder, Kate Selph, Ella Selph, Bethany Oglesby, Abi Armstrong, Skylar Thomas, Lizzie Price, Evie Collins, Bobby Hale

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