A Streetcar Named Desire - January 17 - February 07, 2020

Highlands Lakeside Theatre


I first fell in love with A Streetcar Named Desire when I was in college and it was assigned to me to read for one of my classes on Poetic Realism.  From the moment I began reading it, I was in absolute love with the characters and the language.  From the pages, the characters reached out to me with longing, despair, sadness and hope.  These words on the page cried out to me and begged me to bring them to life. They have lingered with me for 20 years, so what you see tonight is actually two decades in the making.  On this production, I have been honored to work with amazing designers like Jennifer Westergom, Rodger Smith, Thor Knutson, and Olivia Scott.  Without their expertise, what you see in this play wouldn’t be as interesting or beautiful. To all my designers, I am forever grateful for your talents and hard work.  To my right hand, Suzanne Schilffarth, thank you for being by my side throughout the entire process. To my cast, thank you for all your grace, talents and hard work.  I know how tough a show like Streetcar is and I know how tough I can be on you.  Thank you for living up to my high expectations of you.  I am forever your biggest fans.  To my crew, thank you for being there for whatever I asked of you.  To my beautiful husband Eric and my family, thank you for being my biggest supporters.  To my audiences, you are the reason I wanted to bring a play like Streetcar to the stage.  I hope you find beauty and poetry in this dark story.  Thank you for choosing live theatre and enjoy the show!


Laura Wade


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