The Addams Family - August 21 - September 04, 2020

Highlands Lakeside Theatre

 Director’s Note 

The Addams Family marks the fifth show I have directed at HLT since Bus Stop, the first show I directed in 2014. Everytime you submit your name to direct a show, you begin a process that you hope will turn out better than your last. I have been blessed to direct some great titles and also work with great casts. Directing this year has presented challenges from the beginnin. The Addams Family musical was not the original slotted show I was going to direct. It became a reality after losing the rights to perform another show. I am grateful for this opportunity. However, The Addams Family Musical has been a blessing. The process has been amazing amid a worldwide pandemic. This show has become The Highlands Lakeside Family Musical. I have had the opportunity to work with amazing members of our community that are in this cast and are like my own family. This cast and crew has had some of the best attendance and work ethic I have seen with the many shows I have worked on. I believe this comes with the depth of talent and leadership the cast has. I would like to thank Mike McMillan and Joe Locatti who started working on small set projects while we all quarantined back in March/April. I would love to thank my favorite Highlands County dance studio, Dance Unlimited for their dynamic duo of Camille Schaffer and Jen Reed.  They steppe dup to choreograph several numbers. A huge shout out to my right hand man, Tom Staik who goes the extra mile as an assistant director. I couldn't have done this without your support. Thank you to Larry and Rachel Moore with Moore Performing Arts. Your expertise and the donation of fabric made a late night text of a curtain idea come to life. Most importantly I would like to thank God for blessing me with the talent to create art, I thank him for my husband and my family, and for guiding me to Highlands County to be a part of this great community. I am proud to present The Addams Family the Musical as a gift to my theater supporters. Thank you for coming out during these times of trials and tribulations. Let the cast take your troubles away and reassure you that your family isn't creepy and  kooky, mysterious and spooky, or altogether ooky, asThe Addams Family!


Thank you for supporting Live Theatre!

Amanda Mercer

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