Nana's Naughty Knickers - March 29 - April 14, 2019

Highlands Little Theatre


Crew Members  
Director and Set Designer  
Jillian Febres  
Assistant Director and Stage Manager  
Steve Lundey  
Assistant Producer and Acting Consultant  
Michele Urda  
Assistant Producer  
Erika Weaver-Coleman  
Prop Manager and Media  
Lizz Jones  
Lighting Design  
Thor Knutson  
Lighting Tech  
Perry Weaver  
Lighting Design Assistants  
Bob Jarvis
Mac Byron
Sound Design  
Jillian Febres
Larissa Meagher
Sound Tech  
Desiree Charloten  
Set Art  
Hannah Summers  
Set Foreman  
Kevin Hacker  
Set Foreman  
Joe Lacotti  
Costume Design  
Kristen Diefenthaler  
Costume Design  
Tammie Pollard  
Set Construction  
Cast and Crew along with Eric Helmer, Lynn Pipher, Fred Collins, Mauricio Marquez and Luis Febres
Special Projects  
Rhonda Wilson
Bob Hippchen
Stage Crew  
Kaitlynn Jones, Calvin Jones, Dean Lundey, Tanya Turner and Daniel McFee

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