Ghostlight - September 30 - October 03, 2021

Hollywood High School Performing Arts Magnet

 End Notes 

From the Director:


When Mr. Gregg reached out to me last year to let me know he'd finished a new play, I was eager to read it.  We had produced his fabulous (and ominous) play Trap in the Fall of 2019.


This new script, Ghostlight, leapt right off the page; the characters were so clear and easy to imagine, and the story catapults the reader/audience from beginning to end at the speed of a theme park ride.  Moreover, it had a large number of fun roles for student-actors to tackle, and when it was decided that we'd return to school for in-person classes (and games and performances) I was certain Ghostlight was the right play to start our 2021-2022 season.


For any of you who may not have seen a play like this before, Ghostlight is not what we'd call a "realistic" play, which usually have one or two fixed sets that are made to look like lived-in rooms.  No, this play is what is called "meta-theatrical," meaning that it is very obviously THEATRE and does not try to convince you (the audience) that it isn't.


It is in that non-realism that enables this story to pull us into the world of these characters, and take us with Garbiela on her journey through her new school at Doves Forge, and all the mysteries and joys that come with it.


I am tremendously proud of the cast and crew who have worked so hard to bring this show to life: the seniors who have finally gotten the chance to return to the stage after a year and a half, as well as the under-classmen, many of whom are setting foot on-stage at Hollywood High for the very first time!


The world is very, very far from "okay" right now.  We move through the world masked, hesitant around strangers and loved ones, constantly worried and on-edge.  While we're so thankful to be back and performing in-person again, the spectre of the pandemic looms over us, requiring masks for audiences, performers, crew, all.


While we strive mightily to keep each other, ourselves, and our loved ones safe, it is still a great blessing to be given the opportunity to share and tell stories.  This play is a story of love, of discovery, of grieving loss and moving on, and of finding one's purpose and joy.  We are thrilled to share it with you.


Thank you so much for coming, and enjoy the show!

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