Common Threads - April 22 - May 02, 2021

Holy Names Academy


Powers Intertwined  
Fairies ~ Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Fairy Entourage
Tethered Hearts  
The Unraveling  
The Power of Purity  
Earth Fairy Messenger
Fraying Friendships  
Brittany, Bella, Bridget
Trial of the Tapestry  
Earth Fairy Messenger, Alex, Ivy, Henri, Marina
Climbing Song  
Alex, Ivy, Henri, Marina
Loom of Fates  
Fairies ~ Earth, Fire, Water, Air
Time Weft  
Alex, Ivy, Henri, Marina
Bout of the B’s  
Bonnie, Brittany, Bridget, Bella
Time Warp  
Alex, Ivy, Henri, Marina
Common Threads  
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A colorful cast of characters is living in a world that has been divided into two realms: The Above and The Below. Humans chose this division for themselves, rather than learning how to work together by overcoming their differences. Now, over 50 years later, they are starting to see the consequences of their actions - resources are running short, and the environment is beginning to fail. Four young heroes - two from The Below and two from The Above must journey out of their comfort zones to return balance to the earth. In order to succeed they will need to face their deepest fears, and meet a challenge set for them by four fairies (Earth, Fire, Air, and Water) who have stewarded the planet since it first was created. Will they succeed on their quest?


Artwork by Sophia Krikawa '21

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