The Addams Family - February 16 - February 18, 2018

Honesdale High School


Crew Members  
Scott D. Miller  
Assistant Student Director  
Melody Feustel
Assistant Student Director  
Michael Kirk  
Jesse Perry  
Assistant Student Choreographer  
Kayleigh Pugh  
Musical Director  
Martha Curtis  
Assistant Musical Director  
Geri Spinosa  
Technical Director  
Shawn Garing  
Assistant Technical Director  
Nick Slish  
Assistant Theatre Director  
William Sievers  
Technical Supervisor  
Matthew O'Neill  
Set Design  
Jason Smith  
Assistant Set Designer  
Brittany Cardona  
Stage Set Designers  
Thea Miller, Victoria Komar, Cindy Perricone, Alyssa Urban, Brenden Feliciano, Emily Johannes, Emily Haggerty, Kayla Walsh , and Marisa Murray
Costume Design  
Linda Zimmer  
Assistant Student Costumer  
Emily Roberts  
Assistant Costumers  
Debi McDonald and Gina Pritchard
Hair & Make-Up Design  
Linda Forlenza  
Assistant Hair and Makeup Designers  
Isabella Watson, Elizabeth Williams, Marisa Murray, Amelia Michko, Hannah Blaine, Julia Eisele, Riellie Tiernan, Anna Branning, Savannah Rake, and Larissa Peseski
Stacy Stone  
Prop Master  
Meredith Galinski  
House Manager  
Nicholas Pizzo  
Stage Manager  
Ethan Collins
Stage Manager  
Dominic Maglione  
Production Assistant  
Anna Dunsinger  
Production Assistant  
Maria Kannebecker  
Production Assistant  
Hannah Merritt  
Production Assistant  
Brianna Taninies  

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