The Addams Family - February 16 - February 18, 2018

Honesdale High School


  • Michael Kirk head shot

    Michael Kirk

    as Gomez

    is a senior and is involved in cross country, tennis, chamber choir, marching band, wind ensemble, and church. Michael also starred in The Music Man (Oliver Hix), Legally Blonde (Kyle) and Disney's The Little Mermaid (Prince Eric).

  • Mackenzie Tagle head shot

    Mackenzie Tagle

    as Morticia

    is a junior and is actively involved in cheerleading, chorus, and Chamber Choir. She has starred in many musical productions including Beauty and the Beast (Castle Servant), Once Upon A Matress (Princess), The Adventures of Flat Stanley (Samantha), The Music Man (Ensemble), and The Little Mermaid (Featured Dancer).

  • Madison Palmer head shot

    Madison Palmer

    as Wednesday

    is a senior and is involved in band, chorus, student council, National Honor Society Vice President, St. John’s Youth Group, and tennis.  She has starred in many musical productions including Bugsy Malone Jr.,  Beauty and the Beast Jr., Once Upon a Mattress Jr., The Sound of Music (Brigetta Von Trapp), The Music Man (Zaneeta Shinn), and The Little Mermaid (Flotsam).

  • Nicholas Theobald head shot

    Nicholas Theobald

    as Fester

    is a senior and has starred in Bugsy Malone Jr. (Baby Face), Beauty and the Beast jr. (Lefou), Once Upon a Mattress jr. (Sir Harry), The Sound of Music (Kurt VonTrapp), The Music Man (Jacey Squires), and The Little Mermaid (Flounder).  Nick is also involved in tennis, soccer, St. John’s Youth Group, Riverfront Soccer League, chorus, Chamber Choir, National Honors Society, and Disc Golf Club.

  • Daniel DeCrotie head shot

    Daniel DeCrotie

    as Pugsley

    is a sophomore and is involved in youth group, chamber choir, and boy scouts. He has starred in many musical productions including Once Upon a Mattress, Flat Stanley, Cinderella, A Tribute to Broadway as the Phantom, The Little Mermaid (Scuttle), Les Miserables (Jean Val Jean), and The Music Man.

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